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Our primary focus is to have companion pets spayed and neutered.

Pet Fact

About Us

The Lower Mainland Network for Animals Society was formed when a small group of concerned animal lovers in the Tri Cities area met to discuss how they could most effectively contribute to the never ending problem of animal suffering. The common threads among this group were:

  • the deep sense of compassion about the suffering of animals
  • a willingness and a commitment to try to do something about it.

After considerable discussion they decided their resources would be best utilized by concentrating their efforts at the source through spay/neuter assistance as funds allow as well as education. The commitment in working to prevent unwanted animal births will lessen the load on already over burdened resources caring for those in need now. Rather than duplicating services we can accomplish more by working in a complementary fashion to existing services.

Network for Animals volunteers are dedicated to helping where and when we can without fanfare, taking an active role in recognizing needs then working on viable solutions We firmly believe that everyone has the power to make this a better world for those less fortunate. As long as we never give up in our efforts change will be inevitable. No matter how overwhelming a situation becomes the feeling you get when an animal is helped is worth every minute of despair.

Who Are We?

The Lower Mainland Network for Animals Society is 100% volunteer, not-for-profit society, and registered charity. Charity #87323 7242 RR0001

What do we do?

Our primary focus is spaying and neutering. There are many groups dealing with adoptions. We can provide referral numbers for services that are already in place. We can assist most efficiently by concentrating on reducing the numbers of unwanted animals needing homes.

Animals are cared for by foster homes when space is available. As space is at a premium it is used for the animals who have no one and are most in need. We do not take unwanted pets. We keep a list of animals needing homes and homes available, and have successfully placed over 130 animals.

Our Accomplishments

At least 1,272 animals have received medical attention, 888 spayed or neutered, & countless others provided with food. You can assist most efficiently by concentrating on reducing the numbers of unwanted animals needing homes. Two felines & their offspring can produce 20,000 cats in 4 years.


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