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Our mission is to have companion pets spayed and neutered. There are simply too many unwanted animals and not enough homes. Unless these numbers decrease, countless animals will continue to suffer needlessly. Shelters everywhere are overflowing. Spaying and neutering is the only way to reduce the numbers of unwanted pets. We provide financial assistance to spay and neuter on a restricted basis and only as funds are available.

Our primary focus is spaying and neutering. There are many groups dealing with adoptions. We can provide referral numbers for services that are already in place. We can assist most efficiently by concentrating on reducing the numbers of unwanted animals needing homes.

Animals are cared for by foster homes when space is available. As space is at a premium it is used for the animals that have no one and are most in need. We do not take unwanted pets. We keep a list of animals needing homes and homes available, and have successfully placed over 203 animals.

Please spay and neuter your pets!

Spaying or neutering does not affect a dog's natural instinct to protect home and family. A dog's personality is formed more by genetics and environment than by sex hormones.
It's your choice.
The birth of dogs and cats can mean the death of dogs and cats! Thousands of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are killed every year in animal shelters. There are simply not enough homes for the number of animals being born. You have the opportunity to choose between life and death for these animals.

You can choose death for these innocent animals by allowing your dog or cat to breed. For every kitten or puppy that finds a home, another one is left in a shelter. The litters you create perpetuate the overpopulation problem, and the killing of surplus animals will continue.

You can choose life for these animals by having your companion pet spayed or neutered before they are 6 months of age to prevent them from breeding and giving birth. There is only one ethical choice!
Network for Animals is dedicated to the memory of "CODY":
Cody had been abandoned in a shed: he was tied up with a wire around his neck. He had patches that had been burned and he had been doused with kerosene. Clare, a co-founder of the Network, took Cody to the vet where he received treatment for his physical wounds.

He was fearful (with good reason) from the life he must have endured at the hands of such cruel people. Of course it would take time for him to trust humans again. Despite his horrible ordeal Cody was a wonderful dog with a special inner strength. It only took one look into his eyes to see the beautiful soul and to seal the bond and feel the impact he would have on our lives.
Cody went to live with Clare. He went to work with her each day. There were 4 fenced acres for him to relax and feel free.

Clare showed him kindness and that not all humans are cruel. The bond between them became stronger. You could see the trust emerging. Cody blossomed over time. It was wonderful to see far he had come.

My husband and I were lucky to spend time with Cody when meeting with Clare in Chilliwack. He would run to our truck, jump in, and thoroughly enjoy a short ride.

A time came when his health began to deteriorate and he was taken to the vet for tests. The results showed that the kerosene which had been poured on him had leached into his system slowing killing him over the years and his liver could no longer function. Clare called to tell us that an appointment had to be made for euthanasia.

My husband and I went to Chilliwack to spend the little time we had left cuddling and telling Cody how much we loved him. Our friend Clare stayed with her beloved companion comforting him on his final journey.

Cody touched our lives so deeply, saying good-bye to him was one of the hardest things we have ever done. He will be forever in our hearts and he continues to inspire us not to ever give up trying to help.

Joni M. - Network for Animals